Northeastern Cauldron Yearbook

Welcome to the website for The Northeastern Cauldron Yearbook! The Cauldron Yearbook is the annual publication that has proudly represented and commemorated Northeastern University since 1917. The Cauldron is a collection of senior portraits, student groups and athletics, campus and city events, congratulatory messages, and much more.

Order Your Yearbook Today

Order your yearbook today at www.yearbookforever.com

When you become a Husky, you’re a husky for life. Your time at Northeastern may be limited, but the wonderful memories had here don’t have to be. A yearbook is a celebration of all the wonderful opportunities and experiences students are given as part of the Husky community, so don’t miss out!

The 2016 yearbooks are currently available for purchase, so if you’re graduating this spring now is the perfect time to order. The price for a single yearbook is $45 if ordered pre-publication, there are also parent packages including two books at a discounted price.

Free Senior Portrait Sittings

It is highly encouraged that graduating seniors have their portraits taken for the Cauldron Yearbook, and as an added incentive to do so we offer to take them for free! These portraits are high quality professional photographs done by Lauren Studios by, and students are given the opportunity to take their pick of the photos to be featured in the yearbook with the rest of their graduating class. For questions and inquiries, contact Lauren studios at www.laurenstudios.com or by phone at 951-272-8600 between the hours 12 pm – 8 pm EST.